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A half-shark, half-octopus (sharktopus) creature has been scientifically created causes a whole lot of terror in the Dominican Republic while a scientist who helped created it tries to capture and kill it. All while this is happening, a wolf and whale mix (whalewolf) is trying to gain power over the territory and steal it from the sharktopus.
A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped create it tries to capture/kill it.
Sharktopus starts as the US military &amp; private genetic engineering scientist Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) carry out a test on a project known as S-11, a half Shark half Octopus hybrid that has been genetically created as the ultimate weapon of the future. The fearsome Shark Octopus creature is controlled through electronic impulses but during the test the little electronic box attached to it&#39;s body is damaged &amp; Sharktopus is free to do whatever it wants including swimming down to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico &amp; start eating swimmers, tourists, sunbathers &amp; just about anyone it fancies. The US military don&#39;t want any bad publicity so make Sands &amp; his team track the beast down &amp; try to capture it, two news reporters are also after the Sharktopus monster after they sense a big story. Can the tentacled sea creature be defeated?<br/><br/>Directed by Declan O&#39;Brien this is yet more Sy-Fy Channel creature feature crap, to be honest Sharktopus feels like exactly the same film as the Sy-Fy Channel&#39;s previous Dinoshark (2010) which was also produced by Roger Corman, featured some monster eating tourists in Puerto Vallarta &amp; was basically crap. In fact the only real significant difference between Sharktopus &amp; Dinoshark are the two main monsters, personally I think Sharktopus is the better &amp; funner creature though so that in itself probably just about makes Sharktopus the better film of the two although that&#39;s by no means any sort of recommendation. As one would expect the character&#39;s are broad clichés like the big game hunter brought in to track the beast, the nerdy scientist love interest, the evil genetic scientist who just wants to protect the creature, the sinister military yet again trying to create the ultimate weapon &amp; even an ambitious reporter who will stop at nothing to get the big story. There really isn&#39;t anything we haven&#39;t seen here before, it&#39;s all clichéd stuff with every scene, every plot device &amp; every character taken from some other film. I suppose Sharktopus has one or two decent moments, once Sharktopus uses it&#39;s tentacles to walk on land the sheer lunacy of such a concept &amp; such scenes have a certain dumb fun about them even if they look daft. At only 86 minutes long at least it moves at a decent pace &amp; is rarely boring, the only problem is it&#39;s rarely any good either with boring one-dimensional character&#39;s, a silly monster &amp; a throughly predictable &amp; clichéd plot.<br/><br/>The idea of a Shark Octopus hybrid is cool, if Sharktopus had a decent budget then I&#39;m sure we could have been looking at a pretty cool monster but with predictably terrible CGI computer effects &amp; poorly shot &amp; edited attack scenes it&#39;s impossible to stop laughing. There&#39;s a bit of quick gore, someone gets their head ripped off, someone gets their throat slashed, there&#39;s lots of bloody water &amp; the odd Shark sized bite. The attack scenes are a poor mixture of actor&#39;s splashing around, bad CGI &amp; quick editing, the best attack is probably when a woman bungee jumps off a bride &amp; the Sharktopus jumps out of the water &amp; eats her in mid air. The whole physics of Sharktopus &amp; the way it moves is wrong, the way it swims &amp; can just stop dead in the water or float on the surface or do whatever it wants. Sharktopus also seems to randomly change size between scenes too, first being big enough to destroy a yacht &amp; then only as big a normal man &amp; anything between.<br/><br/>Probably shot on a low budget in the same locations as Dinoshark probably at the same time Shartopus looks alright I suppose, forget the bad CGI this has reasonable production values. The acting isn&#39;t great but again much better than in Dinoshark, veteran actor Eric Roberts probably needed the money or fancied a free holiday.<br/><br/>Sharktopus sounds like fun &amp; I suppose it has a few moments that might be classed as such but overall it&#39;s another standard, clichéd, predictable &amp; routine creature feature from the Sy-Fy Channel. It has one of the better monsters but really nothing else to recommend it.
This just might be worse than Attack of the Killer Tomatos. Eric Roberts is a good actor. Even he seemed embarrassed to be associated with this tripe. At first, we laughed a lot because we truly thought it was supposed to be a comedy or a satire. It didn&#39;t take long to realize we were wrong. It is simply and utterly the worst acting ever. Most of the new SyFy movies are bad but they seem to be made that way on purpose. A silly but fun way to pass Saturday night. Sharktopus is actually painful to watch. The special effects were bad but we have seen worse. The entire premise of this movie was so ridiculous, my eleven year old grandson was pointing out the flaws. He wouldn&#39;t even stay for the finish.

Sharktopus, a genetically-engineered half-shark, half-octopus dubbed S-11, created by Blue Water employees Dr Nathan Strands (<a href="/name/nm0000616/">Eric Roberts</a>) and his daughter Nicole (<a href="/name/nm1523899/">Sara Malakul Lane</a>) to serve the military, escapes off the coast of Santa Monica, California and makes its way down to Mexican waters where it attacks numerous fishers and beachgoers. Although Strands wants to capture the sharktopus alive, Nicole and ex-Blue Water employee Andy Flynn (<a href="/name/nm2792064/">Kerem Bürsin</a>) realize that the creature must be destroyed, something easier said than done. Sharktopus is a Syfy channel remake of the 1984 Italian film <a href="/title/tt0088100/">Shark: Rosso nell&#39;oceano (1984)</a> (Devil Fish). The screenplay for Sharktopus was written by Mike MacLean. An octopus can survive on land for twenty minutes or more and are often reported by aquarium workers or pet owners as having left its cage and taken a walk. Some species have even been seen leaving the water to hunt on land. Sharks cannot survive on land and most species require a steady flow of water over their gills to breath as they lack the muscles to pump water through their gills on their own. The addition of seemingly ornamental spikes on the gills of the sharktopus presumably grants it the magical ability to not suffocate. Yes, he does. <a href="/name/nm0000339/">Roger Corman</a> can be seen about 12 minutes into the film as the bum who watches as a woman who just found a gold coin in the sand is carried off by the sharktopus, after which the bum shrugs and picks up the coin. Andy and Nicole go after the Sharktopus, following it to a tourist village upstream where the Sharktopus has been ravaging tourists and locals alike. With no bullets or grenades left, Nicole thinks she might be able to access the kill switch with her computer. However, first they must establish a link with with an interface dart to its brain. While Nicole searches for her father&#39;s access code, trying first &quot;Sharktopus&quot; then &quot;Octoshark&quot; with no result, Andy shoots it with the dart then tries to fight it off with a stick. Nicole&#39;s nickname &quot;Pumpkin&quot; finally lets her in, and just as the creature is about to gobble up Andy, she hits the kill button, blowing the Sharktopus to bits. In the final scene, as a blood-covered Andy joins Nicole, he looks down over the riverbed and says, &quot;That thing better not jump out on us again,&quot; to which Nicole replies, &quot;That only happens in the movies.&quot;
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