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In an alternate world Superman has not only mistakenly killed his wife Lois Lane and their unborn son, but destroyed Metropolis with a nuclear bomb. When it was discovered by Superman that Batman's enemy: The Joker was the mastermind behind Superman's mistake by drugging him. In retribution Superman kills The Joker. In the real world The Justice League fights the Injustice League in metropolis and the Justice League Watchtower. As The Joker and his girlfriend Harley Quinn set a nuclear bomb in Metropolis, most of the Justice League members and The Joker were teleported to the alternate world where Superman is the oppressive ruler of the Planet Earth and where that world's Batman is a rebel trying to topple the empire. The real world's Justice League must team up with the alternate world's Batman and end the alternate Superman's empire.
In an alternate dimension five years ahead of the regular one, the Joker has drugged Superman and tricked him into killing his wife and his unborn son. Superman, overwhelmed by anger, murders and establishes a Regime in which him and superheroes turned evil rule over the world. However, an Insurgency led by Batman are the last line of defense for humanity. Meanwhile, in the regular dimension, the Joker has rigged a nuke supplied by Lex Luthor and is preparing to blow it. The Insurgency, seeing their chance to save the original dimension and their own, pull several Justice League heroes over to assist them in their quest for freedom from Superman's Regime. This is their last chance, as Superman is preparing to crush the Insurgency once and for all… alongside their counterparts from the original dimension and their world.
As a massive fan of the Tekken fighting games, i am always wary of getting other fighting games, but as a super hero fan, i simply had to give this game a shot. What I ended up with was an enjoyable game with simple enough controls to get to grips with, but there is scope to learn to use the moves of each character to incredible effect.<br/><br/>The game has a story mode that is far superior to most fighting games, and the level of detail that has been put in to the S.T.A.R. labs missions makes the 1 player content last much longer while not seeming like too much of a grind. I was also glad that the studio didn&#39;t make superman and batman the instant pick that they may have been being the famous pair, the other characters are all very competitive for 2 player use.<br/><br/>If your favorite character is not one of the 24 playable ones, you can almost guarantee that they will have a cameo in the game somewhere, and with down-loadable content on the way, the games longevity will be increased.<br/><br/>I would recommend this game to any fan of fighting games and/or DC comics characters, and i hope that this becomes a franchise of games, not just a one off. Note to Disney: make a game like this for Marvel characters, there is lots of money to be made!
In an alternative universe where Superman establishes a new world order under his iron fist, Batman and other heroes must fight back against Superman and those that have pledged their allegiance to his dictatorship. Can we please get a DCEU Movie with this storyline please? This is just an Arena Stage Fight and yet it works so good you have 2 Batmen, Superman murders Joker and then Superman faces Superman you can also unlock many costumes for each character and the fighting was really good i just hope that Injustice 2 is as good as this game was because if it&#39;s not i will be very very disappointed there&#39;s also a great voice cast with Kevin Conroy, Stephen Amell, Adam Baldwin and Neal McDonough.

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